Outside the Circle

Suitability: Key Stage One, Key Stage Two
Outside  the  Circle  recounts  the  story  of  a  child  who  is  made  to  feel
alienated  from  his  friends  when  they  begin  to  call  him  names  and  tease  him
because  he  is  different  from  them.  He wants  to  be  allowed  to  join  in,  but  is
deliberately  excluded.  Increasingly  isolated  and  lonely,  he  begins  to  feel
ashamed  of  his identity,  and of his family. He tries  a variety of strategies to
make things better for himself, before approaching an appropriate, trusted adult
for support. The story gives children an empathetic understanding of how it feels
to  be  called  names,  teased,  isolated,  or  bullied  because  of  cultural  difference.
Each  performance  consists  of  a  telling  to ideally  two  but  up  to  three  classes
followed by a discussion of the story,  drawing out key themes. The performance
will  last between 45 minutes and one hour, and will take  place in  the school hall.
Post performance discussion will be tailored to the interests and abilities of the
group.  The story and the people in it will be discussed, as well as how the story
made  the  children  feel,  and  how  the  events  in  the  story  relate  to  their