Tom and the Trolls

Tom and the Trolls

Suitability : Reception, Key Stage One, Key Stage Two

Tom and the Trolls is a storytelling project for years one to six, enabling teachers to stop bullying from occurring and challenge it constructively when it does.

  • Bullying is not just physical. Tom and the Trolls impresses an awareness that verbal and social bullying may cause at least as much distress as pushing or punching.

  • No one should suffer in silence. Children empathetically explore typical responses to bullying, and are led to the conclusion that the best way to stand up for yourself is to tell an adult you trust.

  • Bullying happens. Tom and the Trolls will discourage children from bullying by helping them understand how it feels to be bullied.

  • Bullying can be prevented. Tom and the Trolls encourages the development of whole school strategies to prevent bullying through co-operation and mutual consideration.

Tom and the Trolls tells the story of a young human child who meets and makes friends with a group of trolls. When he is unable to join in their games because he is different from them. he is teased, called names and threatened. Tom’s feelings are explored and a range of typical responses offered for evaluation. When silent suffering, fighting back and bribery fail to stop the bullying. Tom eventually realises he needs help and tells the Chief Troll what has happened. Together Tom and the trolls, with the help of the Chief, change their behaviour and break out of their bullying roles, establishing a new ethos of co-operation and support.

Tom and the Trolls uses very large (2 metre tall) puppets for dramatic impact and to clarify core messages applicable and comprehensible to children between the ages of six and eleven. The telling is supported by detailed teachers notes including detailed lesson plans to enable extensive follow up activities. Notes will be supplied in advance to allow teachers to place the project within their PSHCE planning.