Who we are…….

Gripping Yarns has been active nationally for more than twenty five years and has given more than ten thousand performances in nearly five thousand schools from Cornwall to Cumbria, Cardiff and Cromer and all places in between.

Gripping Yarns is an association of storytellers, delivering stories to primary and secondary schools. Our work addresses PSHE themes and encourages creative responses to complex topic areas and helps to inspire creative writing, art, craft and poetry. All Gripping Yarns projects have been carefully researched, and are scripted and staged to maximise their impact and the clear understanding of core messages, and provide the basis for supported follow-up activities. Projects have been developed in a association with county education advisors, and curriculum consultants. They have been subjected to monitoring, ongoing development and Home Office evaluation to ensure their effectiveness.

Gripping Yarns performers are actors with an expertise in theatre for young people, but experience of working in film, television, touring and West End theatre, which they bring to their work in schools. Gripping Yarns aims to always supply value for money by providing work of high quality capable of sustaining ongoing interest and enthusiasm.

If you would like to find out more about our projects or check to see if we are currently working in your area, please email simon@grippingyarns.co.uk or use the contact form from this site. 

Currently Touring:

Tom and the Trolls (Anti-bullying)

Ooo-os’s Tales (Emotional Literacy)

Thinking Bubbles (Internet Safety)