Ooo-oo’s Tales

Suitability: Reception, Key Stage One

Ooo-oo’s Tales is a collection of short stories about Ooo-oo, a young chimpanzee who is experiencing his world. Each story focuses on a different emotional experience, which he shares with his mother at the end of the story as she supports his learning. 

In the collection of stories presented in this performance, Ooo-oo gets lost and feels anxiety and hunger, he argues with a friend who will not share and feels frustration and anger as he plays with a larger friend who is too rough and makes him feel confusion and distress.

The story is designed to retain the attention and interest of a younger audience. 

  • In each performance, one story from the collection will be presented, supported by relevant poems and action songs consolidating understanding of key learning points. 
  • Each story is short and employs the acting talents (and considerable appeal) of Ooo-oo – a chimpanzee puppet. The audience will engage with the story and the emotions explored in it through Ooo-oo. 
  • Ooo-oo is learning to speak sign language and signing (BSL) is used to amplify and provide a physical expression to emotions in the story, and for the audience.