Suitability: Key Stage Three, Key Stage Four
Heartstrings  uses  the  medium  of  storytelling  and  techniques  of  dramatic
performance  to  explore  and  expand  understanding  of  the  impact  and
repercussions  of  domestic  violence.  It  was  developed  with  funding,  practical
support  and  advice  from  the  Cheshire  Education  PSHE  Advisory Team,  and  the
Home Office. The project helps children to begin to challenge received attitudes
towards violence and think about whether violence is ever acceptable.
The  story  emphasises  that  domestic  violence  may  take  many  forms;  that  putdowns  and  psychological  cruelty,  and  oppressive  control  of  one  partner  by
another,  may  be  as  much  examples  of  domestic  violence  as  physical  abuse. The
telling  exploits  the  dynamic qualities  of storytelling  and dramatic  performance
to examine emotions and situations and explore escape strategies empathetically,
and will  include workshop elements  by which  the  audience will  be encouraged  to
engage directly with the characters and themes in the story