Calling Out

Suitability: Key Stage Two

Calling Out was written with the practical and financial support of Leicestershire County Council Anti-Bullying Team to address bullying, gender stereotypes and homophobia.

Calling Out describes the experiences of a child who has moved to a new school with his family. He is aware that as he has two mums, his family is different from the families of some of his classmates but when homophobic language is used by some of his friends, he feels upset and is then teased for his sensitivity. Unable to process his feelings on his own, he develops a diminished sense of self-worth and both his emotional well-being and performance suffer at school. After his own coping and resolution strategies prove unsuccessful, he is encouraged to enlist the support of a teacher who gives his support, addresses the discriminatory behaviour and language and promotes a more positive and inclusive environment at school for all the students.