Out of Control

Suitability: Key Stage Two

The story  describes the experiences  of two friends, Sam and Alex, who become
involved with an  group of  older  children  playing in  the park.  Eager to  impress
their new friends, they  go along with their risk-taking behaviour,  but when this
begins to involve substance misuse, Sam is  made to feel excluded from the group
because he won’t join in. He worries about the safety of Alex and the others, and
doesn’t  know what  to  do. He  tries  to  make them  behave with consideration  for
their own safety  and for his feelings, but  they will  not listen.  Eventually he is
encouraged  to  confide  in  his  teacher,  who  acts  to  ensure  the  safety  of  his
friends and helps put Sam’s friendships back together again.

Schools  have  a  responsibility  to  help  children  understand  issues  underpinning
substance misuse and peer pressure, but as children will have different levels of
life experience, it can be difficult to introduce the subjects comfortably. Out of
Control  is  designed  to assist  teachers in  addressing this  sensitive  area  of the
PSHCE curriculum. This  storytelling  project  is  the  product  of  a  collaboration  between  Gripping Yarns,  Hampshire  Education  Inspection  and  Advisory  Service  and  a  steering committee of teachers and headteachers from Hampshire schools.