Thinking Bubbles

Suitability: Key Stages One and Two

Thinking Bubbles tells the story of a primary school student trying to settle in at a new school and make new friends. He struggles to fit in and keeps in contact with his old friends by email and in online games, so he still has someone to share with. Confident of his ability to stay safe when surfing, playing and communicating online, he supports a new friend experiencing difficulties when playing games and he is keen to explore social media networks. New problems presented by ‘likes’, blogging, peer to peer and group messaging arise, before he eventually accesses support from a trusted adult. The story identifies key safety messages for self-protection in established and growing online environments and aims to establish core patterns of understanding which will help to keep students safe online. The story does not explore specific social media platforms which students may or may not have encountered, rather addressing issues at a generic level.

Teachers notes further develop safety teaching with reference to existing online resources and support the development of ‘the bubble’ as a model for discussion of safer Internet use with individual schools, classes, families and individuals. .