Family Snapshot

Suitability: Key Stage One, Key Stage Two

Family Snapshot is concerned with the impact changes in family circumstances may have on children and how to support the child coming to terms with such changes. The story explores one child’s reaction to the breakdown of his parents’ marriage and to their separation, concentrating on children’s most common reactions to family breakdowns: fear, uncertainty, guilt, and senses of abandonment and isolation.

Family Snapshot will provide a common reference point for discussion of the impact of change on children and will encourage empathetic understanding of how others may feel when families change shape.
It is likely that any child will be affected in some way by such a traumatic upheaval in their life. In gauging the degree of intervention, the extent of the reaction, its appropriateness to the child’s developmental level and personal circumstances, need to be considered, but there is a strong possibility that a child’s work or behaviour in school may be affected.
Since a child spends on average 1/3 of its time within school, Schools have a pivotal role in supporting children coming to terms with changes in their family environment. Strategies for supporting children in this circumstance will be suggested in the story and follow up materials.