New Arrivals

Suitability: Key Stage Two

New  Arrivals  explores  the  sensations associated with feeling ‘new’, how the behaviour of established friendship groups can make those who feel left out more isolated, and what the members of a school community can do to be more welcoming, to the benefit of everyone.
New  Arrivals  tells  the  story  of Thom, who  arrives  at  a  new  school,  in  a  new
town, in a new country, where he will  have to speak a new language. His sense of
isolation  is  exacerbated  by  the  treatment  he  receives  from  other  pupils.  He
attempts to  make things better  for himself on  his own without  success, before
accepting the support of a fellow new arrival who helps him to get help.

New  Arrivals  was  developed  in  association  with Bedfordshire Minorities’ Achievement Support Service to help schools respond to this  duty.  The  project  will  help  teachers  teach  skills  which  promote  social inclusion  and community cohesion in our schools and help  eliminate the fears and ignorance which lead to alienation and prejudice. New Arrivals  has been designed to encourage all  members of the audience  to recognise similarities  to their own life  experiences in the story, as feeling ‘new’  and unsettled by unfamiliarity may be common experiences to all children.