Place of Safety

Suitability: Key Stages One (after Easter) and Two, Key Stage Three (with adaptation)
The internet, mobile communications and e-mail offer young people unprecedented
and exciting  opportunities to explore and interact from the safety of their own
school, home or bedroom. Place of Safety is concerned with how children interact
in  the electronic  communication  environment, and with  how they  can  do so  with
greater security.

‘Place of Safety’ was written for Cheshire Education Safeguarding in Education to promote safe use of the internet. This project is most suitable for key stage two children, but has been used very successfully with more computer-literate infant groups. Children’s experience of the internet varies widely at key stages one and two, so rather than introducing specific platforms with which students may not be familiar, the story explores risks and behaviour generically.

Place of Safety will explore communication though mobile telephones and texting,
e-mail,  online  chatting and  social  networking  and  blogging  sites. The  story  will
highlight positive habits to minimise risk and maximise confidence. The story will
follow  the  experiences and  developing understanding of  a child  interacting with
others through electronic media, and will offer stopping points for discussion and
analysis,  consolidating  core  messages.  Teachers  notes  will  support  lessons  to
help children understand the way in which online and face to face communication
are essentially  different, and drill  responses  to uncertain and  risky  situations.
The story will  introduce themes for consideration and provide a common point of
reference  for  post-performance  discussion  and  analysis.  The  story  will  guide
understanding  of  the  events  and  choices  brought  to  life  in  the  story  and
empathetically explore strategies to keep safe and happy online. The performance
aims  to  embed  warning  signs  and  a  safety-conscious  responses,  so  that  if
currently  unfamiliar situations  occur in  the  future, patterns  for response will
have  been  explored  already  in  the  safe  environment  of  the  story,  or  post
performance work with a class teacher.