Can you Keep a Secret?

Can you keep a secret?

Suitability: Key Stage One, Key Stage Two

Can you Keep a Secret? tells the story of a child who is told a secret by a friend and faces a dilemma as to what he should do with it.

The project addresses the principal problems associated with disclosure frequently experienced by teachers and child welfare professionals: children’s unwillingness to tell their secret, and that when they make their disclosure, it is to a friend who is told ‘not to tell’. Can you Keep a Secret? was developed with the support and assistance of Essex Education Welfare Services.

Exploiting the dynamics of storytelling, the story encourages an empathetic understanding that there are all sorts of secrets, and that although most secrets can be fun and even form the basis of strong friendship, some secrets can be less pleasant, and can even hurt to keep. The story emphasises that a secret that hurts does not have to be kept secret, explores the responsibilities of friendship which apply when a secret is shared, and highlights the role of the teacher as an appropriate person to confide in.