Tom and the Trolls
Issues covered: Bullying.
Based on ‘No Blame Approach’ principles.

Can you Keep a Secret?
Issues covered: Secrecy and Disclosure.
Encouraging children to share secrets that trouble them.

Family Snapshot
Issues covered: Family Breakdown.
Helping children cope with family change and bereavement.

Calling Out
Issues covered:Homophobic Bullying.
Challenging gender stereotypes and prejudice.

Thinking Bubbles
Issues covered: Internet Safety.
Addressing safer sharing over electronic communications media.

Never Touched Him
Issues covered:Bullying and Cyber Bullying 
Examining bullying in playground and virtual environments.

Ooo-os’s Tales
Issues covered: Emotional Literacy
A collection off stories about feelings.

Living Verse
Poetry project leading into a creative writing workshop.

Out of Harm’s Way
Issues covered: Self Harm.
Challenging counterproductive strategies to coping with stress.

Standing By
Issues covered: Bullying.
Focusing on the role of the watching group.

Issues covered: Domestic Violence.
Exploring domestic abuse in its varied forms from the perspective of young people.

New Arrivals
Issues covered: Community Cohesion.
Supporting the development of mutually supportive and inclusive school communities.

Out of Control
Issues covered: Substance Misuse.
Some of the dangers associated with drug misuse.

Place of Safety
Issues covered:Internet Safety.
Supporting teaching safer use of electronic communications media

British Values
Issues covered: Values Education and Britishness.
Responding to DfE and Ofsted guidelines on teaching British Values.

Outside the Circle
Issues covered: Racism.
Responding to prejudice based on cultural identity.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…
Issues covered: Relationship Abuse.
An evaluation of behaviour and relationships based on personal rights, needs and principles.